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The Do's and Don'ts of Self Storage

Organize Boxes Inside Storage
When people think about storing household items in a self-storage locker, the common practice is to pack everything into a cardboard box and put it in storage until it is needed again. While that might work for a short period, if the items being storage are going to be there for a while, follow these do’s and don'ts to protect your belongings.

Don't Stack Things on the Floor

When the unforeseen happens and water gets into the unit, you want to make sure everything stays dry. If everything in your unit is stacked on the floor, the bottom boxes will get wet and can become weak. The entire stack of boxes will come down if the wet boxes on the bottom collapse.
One solution is to place some pallets on the floor of the storage unit before you place the boxes in it. The pallets will raise the boxes off the floor several inches and help keep things dry. If you have enough water in the unit to reach the boxes after they are on the pallets, you are dealing with flooding you probably couldn’t have prepared for in advance.

Do Keep Accessibility in Mind When Packing

If you are storing items that you may need to come and get then return to storage from time to time, organize your storage unit so that you do not have to climb over the stacks of boxes to reach whatever you are after. When you pack the unit, pack the things you won't need in the back and the things you will want access to closer to the front.
Create a U shape around the unit that gives you a center aisle to get to things if you have enough space. If you do not have the room to do that, keep those important items at the front and top of the stack.

Don't Store Dangerous Items or Chemicals

Most storage providers have a list of things you can and cannot store in your storage unit. Know what is in each box placed in the unit. A hunter or gun enthusiast might have a container of black powder stored in a box that was forgotten and then placed in the unit. While storing this item may not have been intentional, explosives do pose a danger in the event of a fire. A small amount of black powder can produce an explosion if it is contained in a mass.
Chemicals should also not be stored in your unit in any form, but a can or two of bug spray or paint in a box may be forgotten when you transport items to your unit. Any chemical that could leak could damage other stored items and can cause an unsafe situation. Be sure anything that could be dangerous is not placed into the boxes you are packing.

Do Cover Items Not in a Box

Things stored out of a box in your storage unit should be covered so they are protected, but be careful about your choice of coverings. Don't use plastic to cover items because this material is much more likely to promote mold or mildew and that could damage the item you have wrapped and spread to other things in your storage unit. If you can, store as many items as possible in a box for the most protection.
If you have questions about what is safe to store in your storage units, give us a call at All American Storage and we can help. At All American Storage, we offer storage units in sizes to fit your needs. We look forward to providing one for you.


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